Kor & Evelien van As

Kor and Evelien are grateful that the NGK Oostzaan has given Kor the opportunity to become a pastor with a special assignment. This allows Kor to work with all the rights of a pastor as a missionary of ECM. It is their desire to make all nations His disciples. Kor and Evelien want to do this by giving people the opportunity to discover what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

They also want to be a bridge for people outside the Christian community. Through ECM, they not only found a suitable place at ‘de Ontmoeting’ in Deventer where they work this out, but also a team of people with the same heart desire. They are looking forward to get to know the activities in ‘de Ontmoeting’ to carry out the mission together.  

Candidate missionary
Pays d'origine

with ECM since 2023