Arend Jan & Esther Poelarends

"Jesus offers us a future full of hope. We long to spread that wonderful message in Scandinavia."

In January 2021, Arend Jan and Esther Poelarends moved to Sweden to start a longterm ministry in Kil, a town with ca. 8.000 inhabitants. 

It is the dream of Arend Jand and Esther to plant house churches in Kil. "The Bible shows us a great way to plant churches. The church started small but powerful, with house churches. That is what we want: back to basics."

Arend Jan is a gym teacher, Esther is a hairdresser. In 2007 both came to a living faith. "It turned our lives upside down", they say. "Driven by our passion and love for Jesus, we want to help build his kingdom in Europe."

Sport is very important in Kil. Arend Jan and Esther want to use that in their ministry, for example by using the concept of sport communities. They have a lot of experience with sports ministry, amongst more through projects for Athletes in Action and Next Move.

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