Miranda Glasbergen

From my childhood on I have the desire to be of significance to people who have less than we have in the Netherlands. My interest is becoming more aroused for Church work; I want to answer Gods call to go and tell others about Him.

Miranda Glasbergen (23 years old) is since June working as a short term missionary for the period of two years in Albania. Her first months she has focused on learning the language and culture. In that time her involvement in different project has become more clear. In the local church (named Church of God), she focusses on working with teens and youth. The church is full of fire and feels her responsibility to tell others who Jesus is, because if we don’t do it, who will? Also the youth has expressed this desire, but they also feel a certain shyness, how are we going to do this? Right now there’s a project starting where the youth will focus on evangelizing amongst other students. Another organization where Miranda will be involved in is Prison ministry Albania (Sh.K.B.Sh.). Here she will be teaching English in the women’s prison and will be helping with alpha courses in men’s prisons. She is still exploring the possibility to work amongst the roma community. 

In 1967 Albania has been declared an atheistic country where no religions were allowed to exist. From 1990 on it is again allowed to believe, but much (Bible)knowledge has been lost. Albania is re-building its churches at this moment. Another development within the country is the modernization, which makes existing standards and values change.

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