Jacob & Janneke van den Bogerd

Judah, Jezra

"We see a huge opportunity to share the Gospel with a searching Italy"

Since June 2020 Jacob and Janneke van den Bogerd work as church planters in Verona, Italy. Before that, they served the intercultural community 'Licht!' in Breda, the Netherlands, for eight years. 

Jacob, Janneke and their sons Judah and Jezra live in 'Casa della Vita' (House of Life), an old farm just outside Verona. Here they want to develop an Italian, Christian, intercultural community, based on three key words: community, education and retreat. They want to form a community, they want to train Italian Christians in discipleship (education) and they want to use part of their farm to build holiday homes for people who seek some peace and quiet (retreat). 

Jacob and Janneke see many chances in post catholic Italy. Italians are very religious, but not many visit a church or have a connection with faith anymore. At the same time many Italians are openly looking for new spiritual meaning. "We see a huge opportunity to share the Gospel with this searching Italy", Jacob and Janneke say.

"We want to build relationships with people through our everyday life, for example by meeting other parents at the school of our kids, by connecting with our neighbours and by meeting people through sport and other activities. We know from experience that unforced contacts and friendships offer many opportunities to share the Gospel." 

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