Pioneer Worker for Missional Community (Rostock)

Long terme
Rostock, Germany

5 years or more

An ECM missionary family is based in Rostock, northern Germany. ECM is looking for individuals or families to join them as they begin to pioneer work in this post-communist area. 90% of local families have had no church connection for several generations and many don't believe in the existence of God. At this stage, the missionaries' work is focussed on getting to know people, developing good relationships and sharing their lives with those around them. They long to build up a Christian community where lonely and broken people find community, freedom, identity and purpose in the gospel. This will involve spending time at places where people interact on a daily basis (e.g. the bakery, the park, the sports centre and other social spaces). The work can only progress once contacts, relationships and trust are built up.


You need to be willing to share your life with people around you.  This will involve living in an apartment block in the area and, if you have a family, moving them there also.  You will need to be humble and open, with a learning attitude and able to build relationships easily.  You will need to be able to pioneer and work with a small team. The initial contact points are likely to be around children and young people, so having experience of children's or youth work is helpful.  If you do not speak German, you will be required to learn it.

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