English Language Teachers

Long terme

5 years or more

Could you use your skills and passion for language teaching to share the gospel?


We are looking for English language teachers to join a team of missionaries and church workers, based at Christ the Savior Church in Krakow. The church runs a number of activities to engage with the people of Krakow, including an English club. Are you willing to reach out to university students, build relationships and share your life with others? By doing so, could you share your faith? Whilst we are not offering a paid teaching job, we can assist individuals who have English teaching qualifications in making contact with local language schools. This opportunity is ideal for individuals who could fit their mission work around a part-time English teaching job. 

You would preferably be a native English speaker. No teaching experience is required, although you might want to consider getting a CELTA or TEFL certificate (if you don't hold one of these qualifications already). You could do a CELTA or TEFL certificate at the British Council in Krakow. You need to be willing to learn basic Polish, and you ought to be an active member of your home church. You must subscribe to our team and church values. 

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