In Country Coordinator - Greece

Long terme

5 years or more

ECMI wants to open a new field in Greece. It is hoped that short-midterm workers (2-3 years) and short term teams (10 days - 1 month) will be raised up and the Coordinator will be responsible for these.

The current situation and developments in Greece have led to a historical openness to the Gospel. ECMI wishes to support and work alongside Greek evangelical churches to: work in evangelism and church planting with the Greek population; serve the humanitarian needs of the country: and to work with the overwhelming numbers of refugees. Before teams can come and assist, we need a team coordinator to establish themselves in Greece and then coordinate the ministries of these teams.

For the first 6 months, you would need to do intensive language and cultural learning. You would then help, oversee and support ECMI teams in Greece whilst also relating to and liaising with the Greek evangelical churches.

You will be a Christian who has good biblical and theological understanding and a pastoral heart. You must have cross-cultural experience and an ability to cope with stress. You will be a team player, able to delegate and with excellent interpersonal skills. A need for good organisational skills is essential, as is the ability to respect authority and the leaders of the Greek church partners. Whilst having a good level of English, you must be willing to learn Greek to conversational level and be able to raise your own financial support.

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