From the Church to the People - Taking the Gospel to Austrians

Court terme
Villach and Dornbirn, Austria

1-3 months

An Austrian is no longer automatically a Roman Catholic, that time has passed. Church membership and attendance is being replaced by a hedonistic lifestyle based on wealth and personal achievement. As society becomes more liberal, sex, alcohol and different forms of 'new spirituality' become more prevalent, leaving a moral void. Young people, especially, are seriously searching for meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

In Villach, we’re taking the gospel from the church into the streets. We want to meet people where they are. We’re doing this through a Teabus, where people come and share a hot drink enjoy a warm environment and talk about real things.

We also do that through reaching out to kids and youth and through making personal evangelism central to our lives.  

Ministry experience

If you come from June to September, you’ll be able to get involved in lots of different opportunities, such as: 

  • Preaching and teaching, church based children's ministry, youth ministry both within the church and outreach
  • Over summer you could be involved in the various children and youth summer camps
  • You could even participate with a church team in a mission trip to Croatia.


Weekly budget of around €200 for accommodation, food and travel expenses

To find our more, get in contact with us by clicking on 'Apply for this service opportunity'.

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