Erasmus students

Court terme

6-12 months

What about studying and sharing your faith in a new, exciting way? Studying in the beautiful city of Lisbon or Coimbra is an amazing experience. Why not get an ERASMUS scholarship and widen your horizons and add friends to your international network?

While enjoying the Portuguese culture, food and your lectures of course, why not serve in our network of churches as well?

Christians students in Portugal are very much on their own. Your involvement in their church, life and university will bless them immensely. 

Gain understanding of a new language while sharing your own.

  • Time: 3-12 months
  • Costs:  average 500 euros
  • Requirements: Personal evangelism, discipleship, outgoing personality, church involvement.

Erasmus scholarships are available to students studying at most European Universities. Why not talk to your university about the opportunities they offer and then use your time in another country to get involved in mission with a local team!

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