HowWillTheyHear – refugee and migrant ministry

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Diaspora MinistriesMigrant MinistryMissional Communities

HowWillTheyHear was a response to the refugee crises that saw millions of people fleeing their home countries to settle in Europe. They were escaping violence and war, hoping to find a better life in a new country. They came seeking hope.

A group of mission organisations came together to fund a study into the needs of refugees and ministries serving refugees throughout Europe. Soon, through SIM, a project was founded that would be unique in that it would be supervised by multiple agencies. 

What was started as a mobilisation campaign has now grown into a network that is seeing people faithfully following the Lord, new believers being trained in how to share the gospel, and Christ moving among the various refugee communities that are located throughout Europe and beyond.

HowWillTheyHear continues to place people around Europe, including Greece, to serve the cause of the gospel among migrant communities as they continue to settle in new locations.