Walter & Esther Reuter

It touches us that some have really escaped from dangerous situations in their home countries. So they are happy to be here in a save place. They are grateful and esteem our visits and taking care of them. Naturally they long that they can stay in Germany, have a safe place, get work... When they get a positive answer about their sojourn they are released and have got new hope for their future life. Our deepest wish for those who are Christians is: to take care in their specific needs as well as for their spiritual life, integration in a German or foreigner church and being a good testimony. For unbelievers: that they get to know the real peace in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Refugee work can be quite exciting. They deal with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds. This is a big challenge. They want to show them God's love regardless where they are coming from or what their believe is. One part of their ministry is to evangelize or disciple believers, help to integrate in churches.

Another part of their ministry are the booktables in different towns in their area. Through this they meet foreigners as well and they can give out literature in their language.

Missionaries in Germany
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