Eberson & Madalena David da Silva

We are missionary family from Brazil – Eberson and Madalena, and our twin daughters Beatriz and Isabela David. We arrived in Portugal in January of 2020, from the city of Cordeiro, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

We are working in a small town - Vila de Montargil in the Alentejo, with a population of 1,500, one hour and half from Lisbon. We are working in revitalising the only evangelical church in the region. The region where we are, the population of evangelicals is only 0.1% of the wider population.

We are working in discipling individuals – believers and non-Christians, with the object of people hearing the good-news of the gospel. We have created a small music group with our daughters and other kids from the church and using this as a means of reaching the parents and families of the town.

We are also working the local church, in developing a teaching ministry to disciple both children and adults.   

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