Ron & Brenda Anderson

We long to lead people to Jesus and help them find new meaning for their life as they learn to walk in obedience to Him.

In this 4th decade of ministry Ron is focused on being a catalyst for church planting in Spain, Europe and around the world.  Ron accelerates church planting by being involved as: A Church-planting consultant and trainer for ECM as well as others organizations; The Senior catalyst for the church planting issue network of the Lausanne Movement.; The coordinator of the National Church Planting Process in Spain known as “La Plaza”; Catalyst for the M4 church-planting process tool in Spain.; An active participant of the European Network of National Church Planting Process  (NC2P); and on the local level he is a regular participant in the local church as well as coach to various church plant initiatives.

Is focused on ministries of evangelism, disciple and provision of holistic care for ladies.  She does this: in the Camarma area within the context of the Camarma Church; In the Meco Women’s Prison in the context of the Prison ministry team; In Alcala de Henares in the context of the Asociacion Vive, a church plant project; and to a wider area she provides Holistic care mentoring via skype, phone calls and visits to a wider group of ladies

"What touches me most when I work in the church plant or the prison is when a person falls in love with Jesus Christ and commits her life to Him. It is a miracle every time and so exciting! What people around us long for is a reason for life. When they ask us what work we do and we explain the difference that Christ makes in our lives, they sometimes get "cold chills," confessing the awesomeness that the center of our life is knowing Christ and helping others to know Him." 

European Church Planting Consultant
Pays d'origine

With ECM since 1978