Gerard & Janneke de Wit

Lisa, Aron, Lars

We desire to - through our lives - share God's love in an area where God a great unknown.

Gerard and Janneke de Wit hope to become missionaries in North East Germany. They hope to be able to move to Schwerin, together with their children Lisa, Aron and Lars, at the beginning of 2018. After having worked several years as teachers, their heart is opened to the spiritual, material and social needs in the ex-communistic German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. They desire through sharing their lives to share God's love in an area where God after all these communistic years has become a great unknown. They will live in the center of Schwerin, where together with the FeG (a free evangelical church), they will facilitate a 'children's table', where after school children - many of whom from poor families - can play and eat for free. Also, they will orientate on further possibilities for community building in the area. 

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