Gerrit & Jorine van Dijk

Nora, Jarne, Niek

We dream of a different Evershagen. We see an Evershagen full of friendly and free people. The most beautiful area of Rostock.

In the autumn of 2015 Gerrit and Jorine moved to the Evershagen area of Rostock, a city in north-east Germany. Their children Nora, Jarne and Niek were all born in Rostock. In cooperation with the Freie Evangelische Gemeinde (Nord) they have developed Haltepunkt E.

Haltepunkt E is a fresh form of church in the neighbourhood. Haltepunkt E is trying to connect with people in Evershagen and create a greater sense of community instead of loneliness. Haltepunkt E is organizing a street café, football tournaments, mother and toddler groups, barbecue evenings and other activities. 

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The team of Haltepuntk E is driven by the love of Jesus Christ. He became human and made the pathway to God free. Knowing him changes everything. For that reason Haltepunkt E wants to help the people of Rostock-Evershagen discover who he is. This is happening in a respectful and creative way.

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