Gerrit & Jorine van Dijk


We dream of forming a community in Rostock Evershagen of Christians who live in fellowship with one another and with God and who include the people around them in it!

In the autumn of 2015 Gerrit and Jorine moved to the area of Evershagen in the Northeast German city of Rostock. In cooperation with the Freie Evangelische Gemeinde (Nord) they are contributing to church planting in this quite socially needy area. They simply share their lives with the people in the area. In doing so, they are looking for opportunities to live out the Gospel and to share it.

The freshly planted church in another part of Rostock (also part of FEG - Nord) has already for some years expressed their hope and vision to start something for the many unchurched people in Evershagen. Together with them, Gerrit and Jorine are looking for opportunities to reach people. They are trying to discover how a Christian community can make the difference in the area of Evershagen.

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