Antonio Ruiz

Simón, Andrés

Antonio and Violeta, together with their children Simón and Andrés, have been living in Trigueros, a town in the province of Huelva, since 2012. Violeta works as a teacher of hearing and language in a public school in this town and collaborates in the project of a school garden in this same center.

For twenty years Antonio has been serving as part of the IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) ministry, whose vision and mission is focused on making disciples of Jesus in the student and professional world. Among the many things that the student ministry has brought him, it is worth mentioning the discipleships with university students and the walking with and forming of leaders, both students and workers.

Antonio is serving in M4 Europe, a ministry that aims to advance church planting movements in Europe. This ministry originated in 2007, when a group of church planters and leaders from Norway met to pray, talk and explore how they could develop a church planting process that would empower not only the church planter but also their entire team.

The conviction that drives the vision and ministry of M4 is that the Great Commission is for all believers. And while any believer can be part of a church planting team, only some are called and trained to lead a church plant. In practice, M4 provides strategies, tools and training to churches or mission teams that are interested in planting new churches.

Pray for Antonio and Violeta as they serve God and their community in Trigueros!

National Worker in Spain
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Antonio Ruiz