Sharing Christ's Love in Slovenia

Long terme

2-5 years, 5 years or more

The focus of ECM’s ministry in Slovenia is supporting and raising up local workers. However, we are also keen to hear from people who could serve in the following ways:

  1. Personnel needed for youth work in young growing churches. 
  2. People to prayerfully and financially support existing national workers in their ministries.

If the Lord has placed Slovenia on your heart, please contact your nearest ECM office.

ECM’s purpose is to glorify God by the planting and developing of reproducing churches that evangelise and disciple the peoples of Europe. To gain a better understanding of who we are, please take a few moments to read our values.  

Please note that ECM can only explore service opportunities if you are from a country that has an ECM office or local partner. For a list of these locations, please click here.

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