Be part of a pioneer church plant among Spaniards and migrants

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Roquetas de Mar, Spain

3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years

Roquetas de Mar is part of the ‘Plastic Sea,’ a huge extension of intensive agriculture so big you can see it from space. The town's population has almost quadrupled in size since 1990 to more than 100 000. A third of the town’s population are immigrants, from Romania and from North and West Africa, mostly from a Muslim majority background. They’ve come for work and for opportunity, but many find themselves exploited, impoverished and trapped. There are few churches in the area, many of which are focussed on one language or ethnic group.


We long to see a local church in Roquetas de Mar that  ‘shines light into the darkness’ 2 Corinthians 4:6-style.

  • We’re forming a team to live as vibrant disciples. 

  • We want to see a church planted that reflects the diversity of the town and the unity found in the gospel. 

  • We want to reach those in need and in the margins, loving them with Christ’s love

  • We want to shine God’s light into the darkness

WHAT WE DO // We are spending this first year Praying, Connecting and Learning 

  • Praying over the area, and praying for God to form a team. 

  • Connecting with the local people, the different migrant communities, and with ministries in the area and churches in the province of Almería

Learning about the area and the people, what God is doing and what He might have for us to do. We’ll be exploring strategic ways to get involved in the local community and opportunities to start new ministry initiatives.


  • Come pray with us! Spend time walking through Roquetas de Mar and praying over every plaza and for the individuals you meet, and laying the groundwork for future ministry

  • Come make friends in the community, join a gym, take Spanish classes or meet your neighbours! Doing life alongside the people of the town, be an example of a vibrant disciple.

  • Come serve in a church or ministry in one of the nearby towns. Be part of a Bible study, help with Sunday school, volunteer at the kids club or the clothing give away. Visit the different people we’ve met, and encourage the local believers

  • Speak another language? Come help us connect with Spanish, French or Arabic speakers, or teach Spanish or English.

Opportunities are endless if you are willing to serve

BUDGET // We can help calculate your budget, including

  • Accommodation costs, which will depend on your length of stay and whether you’re able to share accommodation with someone else or live on your own.

  • Food costs, general and personal expenses and a ministry budget

Other expenses

  • Transportation to and from home country to Roquetas

  • Insurance

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