Church Development Workers for Eastern Serbia

Long terme
Zaječar, Negotin, Kladovo and Bor

5 years or more

ECM has a small team of national workers serving in five churches in eastern Serbia. The churches are located in the towns of Zaječar, Negotin, Kladovo and Bor; they include one Roma church. The work is growing and the team are looking for missionaries with various gifts to support the ministry in these cities and towns. Do you have a heart for sharing the gospel in communities where it is rarely heard? Do you have skills and experience in any of the following areas?

  • Church leadership
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Children’s ministry
  • English teaching
  • Organising Christian camps, meetings and outreach events

In addition to the regular activities associated with pastoring churches, the team organises summer camps and other events, which are used for evangelism and discipleship. The team wishes to grow its summer camp ministry and make it more accessible. There are also plans to start classes in English, art and music at one church in Zaječar.

Suitable theological and mission training are required for this ministry.  It is essential that our workers speak Serbian and if possible Romanian as well. The first year on the field may be spent focussing on language acquisition. There is a wealth of opportunities for the right individuals to serve the people of eastern Serbia. If you think the Lord may be calling you to this harvest field, please get in touch with ECM.

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