Sharing a timeless message in new ways in Eastern Germany

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Schwerin-Lankow, Germany

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Lankow is a town of tower blocks, built in the 60s and 70s. Neighbours include older people who grew up in the socialist-atheist system, many of whom now live alone with little hope for the future. There are also many small families, many of whom are damaged and experience brokenness in relationships. As a family with parents who remain married living with their 3 children, Gerard and Janneke de Wit, with their three children are an exception. They moved to Schwerin-Lankow in 2019 with a vision...

to see people discover that they are precious to God and that their lives matter. We want them to become part of a community where they experience love & loyalty, and learn & grow together; as God heals their brokenness and gives them a new perspective, and hope for the future..


Here in North-Eastern Germany people are often reticent to talk about God but they are hungry for something more.

They long for loyalty and community, and to be noticed, loved and appreciated. Children need parents and other adults who care. Parents, having grown up in broken families, need examples of how to raise their own children. 

Many lost their jobs in 1989 when Germany was reunified, leaving them disappointed and feeling like ‘losers’ - as if they'd failed to adapt to the new political situation and dropped out of society. Our neighbours want Good News and they need to hear that they are exactly the kind of people Jesus came for. He loved the ‘loser’, lived among those on the fringe, became one of them: we want to do the same for them.


Sharing about Jesus starts with relationships. We show up. We are present, as a family and individually, building relationships, listening with care. We look for ways to Jesus love practically in our daily lives. We look for ways to love practically in our daily lives as Jesus does. We look for ways to serve the neighbourhood and to encourage others to join us. We open up our home so others can see how we live out our faith. We’d love to start organising more open-air children's activities.


We'd welcome anyone who loves Jesus, who loves the people around them and who is willing to share their life with others whether they be singles, couples or families. People can be sceptical at first so the response to Jesus and the gospel is often hard. Nevertheless, if you have a heart to serve, a desire to learn and are willing to discover new, maybe even, unconventional ways to communicate the gospel alongside us then we’d love to have you join us.

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