Learn alongside Experienced Church Planters in Austria

Court terme
Villach and Dornbirn

1-2 years

An Austrian is no longer automatically a Roman Catholic, that time has passed. More and more Austrians resign from their church membership and search for happiness in their new found wealth, different forms of 'new spirituality' and occultism. Young people, especially, are seriously searching for fulfillment in their lives.

Get a deeper sense of the work, and of how God might use your passion and gifts to serve him cross culturally! We offer placements for the minimum of one year in the towns of Villach and Dornbirn. There is a wide variety of ministries within and outside the church that you can be involved with in line with your gifting and talents.

Is this for you?

  • Do you have basic German & English? (Some knowledge of German ideal but not essential)
  • Are you enthusiastic, highly relational, a team player, and willing to adapt to a new culture?
  • Are you captivated by evangelism and seeing disciples grow?

This is a great opportunity to explore more deeply what God has for you. Get in contact with us to find our more by clicking on 'Apply for this service opportunity'.

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