Church planting and discipleship in Mayo, West of Ireland

Long terme

2-5 years

Do you have a heart for people and a real desire to see them come to faith?  Would you enjoy the challenge of learning to live somewhere new?  Would you be willing to use your gifts as part of a team reaching out with the gospel? 

If so, then this opportunity may be for you. 

We are looking for individuals or a couple to help develop our church plant in Claremorris. Essentially, this means being part of our team ministry as we seek to reach out and build relationships within the local community. 


In the West of Ireland, we partner with Calvary Mission ( who have been working in this part of Ireland for over twenty years. Presently, the work extends across the counties of Mayo, Galway, Roscommon and Longford.

The potential ministry activities include children's and youth work, music, preaching, discipleship and evangelism.

The culture is predominantly Catholic, but people know little of the Bible. So there is a real challenge to get across the central truths of Scripture in a relevant way.

Bringing an authentic Christian life into this context may also include working bi-vocationally. Those who could work in paid employment (outside of ECM) whilst also being involved in the church, should consider this of real value in the work of reaching out to people here.


  • You have a heart for people and a real desire to see them come to faith.
  • You have the ability to preach or teach and have relevant training. Whilst it is preferable that new team members have this training already, there are opportunities to develop in these areas through training provided by Calvary Mission.
  • You are willing to work in a team with different people and bring their gifts to benefit the work together.
  • You are willing and able to learn in the Irish culture.
  • You are willing to persevere and be patient.

 Duration: 2 years or more

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