Ministry to Seafarers

Long terme
Melbourne, Australia

2-5 years, 5 years or more

Ministry to Seafarers

With merchant ships carrying seafarers from over 60 different countries to Australia's ports, there is the opportunity for constant cross-cultural ministry. The prayer is to disciple many seafarers for Christ, who will in turn disciple others and take the gospel to those on the land when they return home. 

What does this service opportunity involve?

  • Walking the gangways of ships that enter the port of Melbourne to meet the seafarers on board and distribute the Bible to them.

  • Meeting up with these men to read the Bible in person or virtually. 

  • Follow the men up and encourage them in their faith and support them with resources to keep growing spiritually.

  • Be willing to provide for their practical needs.

Who would be suitable for this role?

  • A man who can lead other men in one to one discipleship.

  • A degree of physical fitness as it involves lots of walking

  • A good handle of social media and other such tools to keep in touch with seafarers and encourage them spiritually via online resources.

  • A willingness to meet and relate to people of varying cultures

  • A handle on basic phrases in the languages most commonly found among seafarers

  • Flexibility as ship schedules change frequently

  • Fundraising ability

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