Hosting the Gospel in Dugo Selo

Développement d'église missionnaire
Dugo Selo
Ministry Type:
Children and YouthChurch DevelopmentMissional CommunitiesPioneer Church PlantingSensibilisation et Evangélisation

In April 2014 we are planting the church of Dugo Selo and now the church is 4 years old. The Baptist church of Dugo Selo is the first evangelical church in the city that has 25,000 inhabitants. Even though it is a small church, this church has a great influence in the community, doing various evangelistic activities during the year and the city is soon accepting us.

The church is involved in several events in the city, we have strawberry day every year (well over 1000 people congregate during the day), the city's Christmas party and we also write in the city newspaper, we have a program on the city radio and we also have a summer English course.

The church of Dugo Selo is also responsible for the opening of the church in the city of Vrbovec, a city of 16 thousand inhabitants and we are also planting the first evangelical church in that city.

We need your help to pay the rent for the next three years. In the first year we need €200, the second year €130 a month and then €70 a month for the third year.

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